Learn the right Digital Business skills from professionals and practitioners.

The 4Ps of DBS - Focused Digital Business Programmes from Practitioners through Projects to make you a complete Professional.

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Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course

Digital Marketing Courses that are valued by recruiters and professionals.

Building a community of trusted individuals in the art, craft and science of Digital Business.

  • Your own eBusiness

    Start learning Digital Marketing with us and giving life to YOUR idea and build it into a business.

  • Guided by Practitioners

    Learn and build your own eBusiness with help from professionals who work in digital marketing.

  • Certification for growth

    Get certified and grow by acquiring digital marketing skills that will set you apart from others.

Pramodh BN, Founder of Digital Business School.

A National Merit Scholar from Mysore University, B N Pramodh, is an entrepreneur and a teacher at heart. He has studied marketing from Wharton School of Business and Gamficiation from University of Pennsylvania through Coursera.

He has Master’s in Mass Communication and Journalism, and has worked as a Journalist . A learner and a teacher deep inside, Pramodh enjoys teaching students in the art, craft and science of digital media. He loves helping students not just build their careers, but also a sustainable and scalable eBusiness so that they become financially independent in the long-term.

Our Unique Digital Marketing and Gamification Courses

Built from ground up to help you reach your goal in Digital Marketing and Gamification

  • Basic Digital Marketing Programme

    Learn the basics of digital marketing skills and understand more than SEO or Social Media.

  • Advanced Digital Marketing Programme

    Advanced programme turns you into a complete professional preparing you for career growth

  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional

    Prepares you thoroughly in all fields of digital marketing while building your own eBusiness

  • Gamification Course

    India’s first course in Gamification that will help you get your dream job or grow your skill.

FREE Digital Marketing course for B School Faculty

The Digital Marketing Course of Faculty of Business Schools has been designed to help the faculty understand and implement Digital Marketing courses at their respective B Schools. The idea is to build a big community of professionals and practitioners that we need in the art, craft and science of digital marketing.

Valid ID Card issued by the respective Business School or authorization letter from the Director / Department HOD of the institution is a must to join the eCourse.

The Course is a 30-hour eCourse. Syllabus Contains the following modules:

  1. Digital Estates
  2. SEO
  3. Digital / Online Advertising
  4. Social Media
  5. Mobile Marketing
  6. Analytics
  7. Gamification
  8. Project

Certification of completion will be given after completing the course. Since this is a course designed to help the faculty explore more in the field of digital marketing, the course qualifying score has been kept at 80 %.

The course tracks the understanding and the ability to implement digital marketing projects for the faculty.

For B School and Institutions

We will provide all the courses in Digital Marketing and help you run those courses. The arrangement will be a combination of online and face-to-face learning environment. The idea is to build your B School / Institutions reputation as a Centre of learning in digital marketing.

We will provide Gamified learning management system that can be accessed by students through their mobile phone and their tablets. The students will be able to learn anytime from anywhere once they are connected to the internet. It’s like your cloud campus.

Qualified instructors and industry practitioners will be taking the digital marketing courses at your premises.

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